GRIT is delighted with the openness to our ideas, quick turnaround on updates, and the suggestions on how to make the site user friendly. We are pleased to continue working with AspieDev!

Leslie Dancause


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The Autism Society of Edmonton Area (ASEA) helps families and communities embrace and support people on the autism spectrum throughout their lives.

The Autism Society’s fully responsive web site is built using Drupal, and features a custom-written online membership system, including a members-only web site section. We created a custom-built online event registration system for Occasio, ASEA’s respite event program. We also edit and do layout for the Autism Society’s weekly e-mail newsletter, Autism Weekly.


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Autism Society Alberta (ASA) is a network and collaboration amongst autism groups comprising parents of children and adults with ASD, family members, individuals with ASD, and caring community citizens.

ASA’s fully responsive web site is built using WordPress with a custom-made theme. We also do editing and layout work on the Society’s monthly e-newsletter, Autism Around Alberta.


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Welcome to Cloth of Kin weaving studio, where we are happily busy weaving Cloth of Kin custom designed yardage, shawls, scarves, sashes, tartans, tea towels, and more! Cloth of Kin is a WordPress site built using WooCommerce, and features a custom-built order form for custom fabrics (Cloths of Kin), where users can create the Cloth of their dreams using numerous customizable options and draggable colour selectors.


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After a lot of good work by kindergarten teachers and volunteers, we have, in effect, a census of early child development in Edmonton. To effectively use these results to strategically support early childhood development, seven volunteer Edmonton Early Years Coalitions have developed to blanket the city and actively promote early development in our communities.

The Early Years site is AspieDev’s first project using WordPress multisite – A network of eight sites that have been built together using a single technical framework, but can be separately updated and administered by each of the member Coalitions. This represents a major cost savings for the individual Coalitions, who do not need to each build their own separate sites.


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Cycle for Autism is an annual event hosted by the Autism Society of Edmonton Area. Participants cycle, walk or run to raise money for people with autism in the Edmonton area.

The Cycle for Autism site includes a custom-built team management and online team profile system, as well as an online donation system. The 2015 event raised over $45,000 for autism programs and services, and a large portion of that money came in through online donations.


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The North East Edmonton Early Childhood Development Coalition work together using current knowledge to inform, engage and inspire families and communities to support the development of young children in North East Edmonton.

This site was replaced by the Edmonton Early Years Coalitions site, which provides an online home for the North East Coalition and six other Coalitions in the Edmonton area.

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The GRIT Program is an inclusive, early childhood program for young children with developmental disabilities 2½ – 5½ years of age. GRIT is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The GRIT site is built using WordPress, and also features a custom-built online donation system with secure in-page payment. It also includes a ustom online registration system for occasional staff workshops.


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Families Forward is a mentorship support group facilitated by Gateway Association, for people caring for someone with an intellectual disabilities. It provides peer support through monthly meetings, family to family mentorship and provides an online community. The Families Forward website provides information on planning, creating a good life, numerous resources, and updates.

The site is built using Joomla!, and features built-in translation, a web forum, and a custom job posting and job application database.


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Give 12-12-12 was a fundraising campaign to support inclusive employment for people with intellectual disabilities.


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“We Belong” is a movement driven by Gateway Association and their allies, promoting the basic rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities. These individuals and their families have been fighting too long to be part of neighbourhoods, to have respectful education, to obtain meaningful employment, to achieve mutual relationships, and to develop social circles. It is time for organizations, businesses and community members to unite and recognize that “We Belong”.


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